Growing up in
Chengdu, China

My childhood was a blend of market trips and culinary lessons with my 奶奶 “Nai Nai”. We'd explore the markets, uncovering the unique flavors found in the busy alleys of the markets in my hometown. Nai Nai taught me everything – from choosing ingredients to making our own dumplings and noodles. These moments were precious for me and rich in a tradition I am excited to share with you.

Love found in the East and brought to the West

Fate had a beautiful plan for me. My husband, a curious visitor to Chengdu, was keen on exploring how Chinese culture influenced medicine. Much like my passion for food, he wished to weave these influences into his medical practice in the US. Our collective passions brought love, and a decade later, a home I like to call "The Circus," filled with the laughter of our three delightful children, visits from our adult daughters, and the antics of our playful dog. Together, we're eager to share our blend of Chinese-inspired life with you.

This one is for you

I have enjoyed sharing my Chinese heritage through my cooking lens. Just as my Circus Family has grown, so has my CookingBomb Family and my bond with all of you. It is your encouragement that has led me to my first creation. Like memories, no two chili sauces are alike. The dynamic flavors and physical sensations of my sauce transport me back to those market afternoons with my Nai Nai, a true blend of tradition and memory. I introduce to you my very own CookingBomb Chili Sauce and say with joy, this is for you!

Hello Hello

I was born in the heart of Chengdu, China, my childhood days were mostly spent under the nurturing care of my 奶奶  “Nai Nai”. My senses still dance to the memories of the delightful dishes my Nai Nai prepared, with her chili sauce being an unforgettable favorite. Fate brought me to the U.S. in 2005, where I now treasure moments with my three school-going children and my lovely adult dancer daughter. My passion for Chinese cuisine led to the creation of my cookbook, "Asian Market Cookbook" and now my CookingBomb Chili Sauce. Just as I love cooking, I enjoy engaging with many of you on social media, sharing slices of my life and the culinary journey we will take together.


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My Mission

I hope to bring the joys of my Sichuan roots to infuse your kitchen with distinctive flavors and authentic ingredients. I hope my inspirations ignite your culinary passion, encouraging us to craft and share remarkable dishes with our CookingBomb Family.

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